dissabte, 15 de setembre de 2012

Dissabte, de compres / Sábado, de compras / Saturday, shopping

Dissabte, dia de compres,
millor compartir-ho.
(il·lustració d'Ewa Podleś - Rozalek

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Ricardo Rossi ha dit...

Esta ilustración le pertenece a Patricia López Latour, de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Illustration from Patricia López Latour

Patricia Lopez Latour ha dit...

I'd like to ask you to fix a mistake in this post, since this illustration was made by and belongs to me, not to Julia Gukova, who is also an illustrator with trajectory, such as myself, and has no need to attribute to herself the work of others. In addition, it was made for Richmond Brazil, and no one but me has the rights of publication.
I'd appreciate it if you fix this right away.
Thank you for appreciating my work, even with the name of another professional :P
Check out more of my work here:

Sàlvia ha dit...

Gracias, Ricardo: error mayúsculo subsanado.

Sàlvia ha dit...

Un beso, Patricia, y mil perdones por el error, que ya he rectificado.

Un saludito y felicitaciones por tu simpático, alegre y precioso trabajo artístico.


Patricia López Latour ha dit...

Gracias a vos Sálvia, por corregir el error.
Me alegra que te guste mi trabajo.

Beso grande!

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